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I user mailerlite to send all of my emails, and they are incredible. I used to use Mailchimp and then switched and it was the best decision I've ever made.

You truly can't beat this software for finding Kindle Keywords.

Get Published Through Kindle Scout!

What is Kindle Scout? Books that are selected by Kindle Scout receive some pretty huge benefits, including:

  • Free Copy Editing
  • Quarterly Marketing
  • Advance Distribution and Reviews
  • Targeted Email and List Advertising
  • Increased Credibility

That is why there are hundreds of authors entering the program every month and trying their hand at earning a contract to become a Kindle Press Author. Don't just be another newbie submitting their book and hoping for the best: get an edge over the competition and give your book a real chance to shine and become one of the 3% of books to get selected.

The information contained in this guide will help you launch and run a campaign based on the compiled advice of dozens of selected authors, as well as analysis of paid and free options to increase your campaign's visibility. You'll learn things like:

  • How to design your campaign
  • How to get on the Hot & Trending List
  • How to increase your page views
  • What to expect if you are picked

...and so much more! It isn't about selling your products, but rather about laying down a roadmap that will help you design and run the best possible campaign for you.

I was selected by Kindle Scout in 2016, and this guide can help you be next!

Who doesn't like gaining an edge over the competition?

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