#RRBC Blog and Block Party!

Welcome to my blog during this fantastic RRBC block party! Today I'm going to be giving some stuff away and letting you know a little bit about two of my books: Graveyard of Empires and Collision of Worlds.

This is a series I've been working on slowly for a long time full of some of my favorite characters!

Giving Away - 3 Unique Winners!

If you comment below, you can win:

  • Five dollar Amazon Gift Card (The US Only)
  • Paperback of book I (International)
  • E-Book copies of books I & II

Which means there are going to be three total winners here today! That's pretty good odds of winning something, so make sure to post your comment!

Argus Wade was born into the Ministry, an archaic and barbaric religion that's taken ahold of the Republic. He knew from an early age that he was different from the other students who learned there: the threat of death - or worse - loomed over him because of his special gifts.

When he tries to protect his daughter from this fate by hiding her from the Ministry, he finds out that all he's managed to do is make things worse. He's running out of options and growing more desperate by the day.

Meanwhile, the galaxy is facing a new conflict in the outer reaches: a rebellion is forming to tear down the Republic, led by a charismatic upstart named Darius Gray. Battle lines are being drawn and everyone is choosing sides. But, they are all going to find out that the cost of war is higher than anyone could have anticipated...


Things are heating up in the galaxy as the Union tries to find an edge in its conflict with the Republic. The war is becoming more of a reality every day: terrorists and rioters are cropping up as the disenfranchised take matters into their own hands. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jayson finds himself caught in the middle of political machinations he has no control over and fighting to stay alive. Traq is learning more about the galaxy than he imagined, and Vivian is struggling to come to terms with his gifts: he's like nothing she's ever seen before and she is afraid she won't be able to help him.

Meanwhile, Abdullah is being asked to make a terrible choice. He is certain he knows what is expected of him, but it's a decision he isn't sure if he can live with.

The war is beginning in full and billions of lives are at stake in the coming conflict, but right now it's still anyone's game to win.


This was actually one of the first things I ever published, and it taught me a lot about how to go about doing it. It is different from anything else out there and full of a lot of interesting moments and characters and I love turning back to it whenever I get time!