Kindle Scout - Second Chances Day 2

So, about halfway through the second day of Kindle Scout.  

My Day One Statistics include 72 page views. No time spent hot and trending, but one thing I figured out was that only twenty books at a time are allowed in hot and trending. There are quite a few books available on the website, and it looks like it blindly takes all of the books and sets them to hot and trending based on nominations. 

The thing I can't figure out is just how high the number has to go to hit hot and trending. I've had hour periods where I know there were about twenty nominations, which was not enough to get it to hot and trending.  It looks like the hot and trending numbers are high based on the novels competition, so it is definitely looking like a popularity contest at this point.

But, We'll see how things go. I'm fairly certain that if the Kindle Scout Editors look at the novel they will like it, the trick is just getting it in front of them.

I think for my next Kindle Scout Campaign, if this one fails, I'll do a thriller and see how that goes.