Underground Book Reviews Pitch Perfect Finalist

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend, and it's going to be Christmas soon! I'm excited about the holidays and can't wait to spend time with family!

Anyway, Second Chances was chosen as an Underground Book Review Pitch Perfect Finalist, and I need some people to vote to try and make this their Pitch Perfect Pick for next week! The voting is Facebook based.

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Hopefully it gets picked if we can get enough votes! All of my books are still 99 cents if anyone is looking to pick up a copy, and I managed to crack the top 100 of the Classics Category on Amazon in the US, and I made it all the way to 4 in the UK with Ripples Through Time! 

Also, I'm still working on Raven's Peak whenever I get time, and it's about 33% done now. It's going to be longer than UAV, but paced even faster. I want to keep things going as well as possible.

Thanks everyone and best wishes for the Holidays!