Experiences - Amazon KDP (after 2 weeks!)


Conglomerate giant, capable of destroying and creating with barely a thought, this is the creature we must face when we publish novels.

We can't avoid it. Amazon is too powerful, so even if we avoid KDPSelect and go with competitors, we still have to use amazon as well.  

So how have things been going so far? I've gotten a few sales, a few Select borrows and reads, a decent number of free copies dropped into the world, and one review.

Of course, I have a lot of people available who would like to review, but they aren't allowed. In July, Amazon began cracking down heavily on who was allowed to review your work, and anyone associated even remotely is blocked. That includes family and friends.  It also includes, in many cases, fans.

Which means that in this world of social networking, one of the ways you can have reviews blocked and removed from amazon is by networking with people who read your book. If they ask a question on facebook, and you answer, then Amazon might consider your relationship too 'friendly' and block that fan.

This might seem draconic. Probably because it is, but there is nothing we can do about it, because Amazon has all the power.

In the next few weeks I'm trying a smattering of different paid and free promotional options, and I'll post about my results and feelings on those systems later.