Upcoming - Second Chances is Almost Finished

I'm currently working on finishing up two new projects I'm hoping to have on amazon by the end of the year. Second Chances is a sort of spiritual successor to Ripples Through Time, and I'm hoping to put it on Kindle Scout to see if it gains any traction.

UAV is something I finished a long time ago and now I'm hoping to finish up editing it and putting it back together. I completely removed about 40% of the original content, so now I just need to make sure it still makes sense and can stand as a book. I'm not sure if I'm just planning to post that one or try it on Kindle Scout as well.

In either case, Second Chances is my big project, and then a new work is in the pipe more like a novella. I plan to release installments for it, about 20k words apiece. This one is called Lost in Time.

So, hopefully soon I'll have three more works up on amazon.