10 Reasons to Use InstaFreebie to Grow Your Author Platform

I only just started using InstaFreebie in the last few weeks, but it has been incredibly useful for me in generating subscribers and selling books. I wanted to put together a list of reasons why people should use Instafreebie as part of their author platform!

  1. Ease of Use - All you need is your book cover and a sample file in ePub format. They even go out of their way to help you build the correct ePub to submit, and they handle the rest!
  2. Direct Delivery - They deliver the content directly to users in a really easy format, sparing you the trouble of having to explain to readers how to put the book onto their devices. They also have excellent support to help drive this effort and take care of your readers!
  3. Upfront Delivery - Unlike BookFunnel, which is a similar service, InstaFreebie collects emails at the time of delivering a story rather than sharing a link, which means the transaction is clear and quite simple.
  4. Mailchimp Integration - They integrate directly with MailChimp and will send subscribers directly to your newsletter when they download your story if you want to require. It isn't perfect, but with automated emails from MailChimp this can be an excellent way of bringing in new subscribers.
  5. Automatic Newsletter Signup - You can require (with the plus plan) that all readers who download your book be added to your newsletter rather than making it an optional addition, thereby maximizing your engagements with readers who are grabbing your free content.
  6. Simple Sharing - Social Sharing buttons and a simple link system make it easy to share your story across all platforms and entice new readers!
  7. Instafreebie Promotion - InstaFreebie will promote your story to their fans based on a cross-promotional method: the more you share, the more they will share too, thereby increasing your success!
  8. Group Giveaways - A lot of people (including me!) run group giveaways to bring in a lot of new readers and cross-promote books in a similar genre. This can be a fantastic way to bring in new readers and work with authors!
  9. Giving Away Content - Even if you aren't looking to bring in new subscribers, you can give away stories to your fans or current subscribers as exclusive content in a simple and easy way!
  10. Free - This one has a slight caveat to it, because some of the  powerful features I mentioned up above actually require the $20 a month plan (plus) such as automatic Newsletter Signup, but you can give away unlimited copies of your content very easily without ever needing to pay a penny. Just make an account, load a story, start a giveaway, and you'll be sharing your content in no time!

There you have it. Ten reasons to grow your subscriber list through InstaFreebie! I put off signup up for a long time, but with a free trial it is completely worth it!