Book Review: Judas and Jezabel: The tales of a New York Nanny

Today, I will be reviewing: Judas and Jezabel: The tales of a New York Nanny


In the introduction for this book the author clearly states that this book is an extension of the author's views and opinions about society, and that is certainly reflected in the text itself. The writing is clean and focused, and the message about materialism and culture is clear and concise. I liked the nanny and the personable way in which she talks to the audience and explains the story, and I thought the two married people fighting about money rather than family were interesting as well.

There aren't any punches held back in this story, and it is right at the beginning of the story that the two start fighting and trying to divvy up the spoils of their marriage. They yell at each other, fight, and drag everyone into the middle of their falling out. The nanny just tries to protect Cindy, because she feels that no child should have to go through something this messy.

The story is interesting, if a little underdeveloped, and I give it 4-stars, because for the right audience it is great, but it could have been a little longer and played things out a little smoother.  The cultural messages are heavy and some people might take offense, but in general the story is well-done.

About the Book

This is a story about lust, greed, and betrayal. C.Y. Brown agreed to move from Brooklyn, New York to New Jersey with a wealthy young couple and their baby. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect the couple to use her and the baby as pawns for their own greed and self gratification.

A long and nasty divorce, involving multiple lawyers, psychologists, family secrets and continuous lies by the couple. The husband tries to hold on to his money and the wife tries to grasp as much of the money as she can. What lies ahead for Carol and a young innocent child, trapped in the psychological game of cat and mouse?

About the Author

C.Y. Brown worked in law enforcement prior to coming to the United States. She studied Child Psychology, Early Child Care Development and Human Relations. Brown's experience in childcare has enabled her to work for lawyers, doctors, and celebrities. Her hobbies are cooking, reading, arts and craft , traveling and interior design. She currently resides in New York, USA.

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