Kindle Scout - Raven's Peak - Part 5

Part 5 - Halfway through the campaign

After today, the campaign is going to be entering the second half. So far, I've gotten about 1300 page views and 167 hours in hot and trending.

I've had no luck in pushing it back onto hot and trending after it fell off, but it sat there consistently for about a week. It got about three hundred page views in the last couple of days, so it's getting in front of people. Now it just needs some more nominations!

Anyway, right now my strategy has been to reach out on places like kboards and try to meet some more people on goodreads who might be interested in checking it out. With any luck it'll get pushed back onto hot and trending in the next couple of days and get some support.

Thanks to everyone who has nominated the book so far, and I appreciate all of your support! Half the campaign is gone now, so here's hoping the second half goes really well to finish it off!

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