Kindle Scout - Raven's Peak - Part 7

Officially in the closing days of the Kindle Scout campaign! It ends on Friday, which also happens to be the thirteenth, and I ask you: how much more perfect could it be for more novel than to end on Friday the Thirteenth?

I've surpassed 4,000 page views and 400 hours in hot and trending. More than half the campaign has been on that list, and I've gotten a lot of people to look at and nominate the page. I've also learned a lot of lessons about the entire program. There were a lot of things I did wrong, and some things I did right.

Outreach was the most difficult thing. Getting on the Hot and Trending list in the first place is very important, because even if you send people to the web page, if it doesn't have that 'hot' tag, then people won't be as likely to stick with it. People like to bet on the winning horse, so if your book looks like it's getting a lot of support, then people will be more likely to support it.

It's the same as convenience stores. Stores deliberately overstock their vegetable sections because they know if people see one bundle of celery sitting on its own they will think "what's wrong with this one that no one likes it?" 

Which means the most important thing to do is get on hot and trending. Reach out to people, but not all at once. I actually got kind of lucky. I found Kboards, but only about halfway through my campaign, so by the time I was begging for votes on there I didn't burn them out by begging for thirty days. The kboards team is amazing, and if you aren't on there, you're missing out.

Facebook was king. I asked in every group even remotely related to books, then I asked personally. There were some people who don't like being solicited (many of which seemed borderline illiterate) but there were quite a few more who were generous and more than willing to support an author.

I also managed to find some love in the reddit/r/wroteabook forum and a few others. I made a lot of tweets (something like 200) for the campaign and got a lot of interest from that. I also had a lot of friends from RRBC (greatest club for authors) who shouted out for me, so my social reach was huge.

Writeon was amazing for me. It's a great community and full of awesome people, so I really appreciate their support!

If you haven't checked it out, I have a stats page built for Kindle Scout: 

And if you want to add to the stats or look it over, please do. It can hopefully give some more concrete ideas about how to run your own campaign and get some interest! I'll be sad when it's over, but I'll be relieved as well.