Kindle Scout - Raven's Peak - Part 8

Finally done with the Kindle Scout campaign! Now it's the waiting game, and it could take a couple of days (or even a week or so!) to hear back from Amazon about whether or not Raven's Peak is going to get a contract.

It's been a wild ride, and I want to thank everyone for their support! I did as much as I could and build up as many page views and hot and trending as possible, and now it's just up to Amazon to decide if it was enough.

Here is a link I created to store stats about the process as well as a lot of other information that can hopefully help people in building their own campaigns!

Chronicling the journey:

Day - 1

Day - 3

Day - 6

Day - 9

Day - 15

Day - 21

Day - 25

Again, thanks for the support. If any authors are interested in posting their stats onto the shared page I linked above, you can contact me directly at and I'll update it for you! I'll let you know shortly whether or not the book was selected for publication (fingers crossed).

The five stages of Kindle Scout!

Stage 1 - Denial: "My book is the best in the world and will definitely be picked!"

Stage 2 - Anger: "Why aren't people nominating my book? Can't they see how great it is?!"

Stage 3 - Bargaining: "Hot & Trending doesn't really matter. A lot - no, most -books are picked with 0 hours H&T."

Stage 4 - Depression: "Oh, God! My book isn't going to get chosen for publication. It's hopeless! I ran an awful campaign!"

Stage 5 - Acceptance: "I'm fine with whatever happens. They can pick my book or not and I'll be okay."

Bonus stage - Purgatory: "The campaign ended a week ago and Amazon said they would notify me whether or not I was long do I have to wait?"