Accolades - Second Chances a finalist in the Literary Classics Book Awards

Got the news today that Second Chances is a finalist in the Literary Classics Book Awards. It's following in the footsteps of Ripples Through Time, and with any luck it'll bring home some awards this year. It is in a few different categories, so here's hoping it can perform well in those categories.

They announce the winners on July 1st, so I'll know soon enough how everything turned out. It makes a nice distraction from obsessing over the launch of Raven's Peak, so now I can relax a little bit and let things play out. I've got my launch strategy pretty well figured out, so now I just need a preorder page so people can start leaving reviews and purchasing copies!

On a completely unrelated note, Schism has a new book cover now and looks a lot better. It needed a refresh so it wasn't an eyesore in my catalog in books. next up is a fix to the UAV cover which will make it look a lot nicer as well.