Kindle Scout - Selected - Part 3


Woohoo! I got my edits back this morning from Amazon. There was a little hiccup where they sent two emails, and the second one said the first had the wrong edits. But, when I sent back for clarification they confirmed that only the letter itself they sent was different, so the edits are perfectly fine.

Here's a little bit from the letter:

"The novel is in really strong shape. The concept is inventive, and you’ve found a new way to put a spin on the paranormal. The world building is fascinating. Your language is evocative, and the descriptions transport the reader to another place. You are very skilled at pacing, and the action shots have true suspense."

And I pulled in all of their corrections and made some modifications based on their suggestions, and now it is loaded back to Amazon for final processing! From everything I've heard, 8-10 days to create a pre-order page and then the book is up for preorder for 2 weeks. That means the launch will be between July 1st and July 4th!

I also added a short story called The Ninth Circle as part of my signup benefits, along with UAV, for people who are signed up to my newsletter. Hopefully this will attract new people and help down the line! If you're already signed up, you'll get access to the short story as soon as it is available, and before the book is out!