Accolades - Literary Classics Book Awards - Second Chances

Second Chances won the Literary Classics Book Award for Cultural Issues in their 2016 competition! That is the second year in a row that my books won something in the competition, so hopefully Raven's Peak can continue that trend next year!

The awards are given out in Vegas in October, so with any luck we'll be able to make another little mini-vacation to go out there and have a little fun. We had a great time at the LA book awards and it would be nice to meet some of the new winners as well, so here's hoping we can make it work.

That puts Second Chances up to 3 Gold medals, 1 silver medal, several honorable mentions, and the finalist spot in multiple competitions. I would say it's done pretty well considering.

And now it's time to settle down and launch Raven's Peak. It comes out Tuesday and will be entirely different than anything I've done before. I actually got a few reviews back between today and yesterday that were incredibly nice and really made me feel good about this launch, so hopefully a lot more people will enjoy reading it once they get a copy.