Raven's Peak Reached 50 Reviews!

Still not even to that 30 day mark and already at 50 reviews! It's super cool, got the last one yesterday!

It's been performing fairly well so far, but I won't know how many copies are sold until next month, and I won't get paid for them for a month after that. Makes it really interesting, because this is way better than any of my other books performed, but it's like a black box where I simply don't know how it's doing.

I'm fairly certain I'm going to publish the next book (Raven's Fall) on my own, but I'm thinking about starting another project with Kindle Scout. The marketing and editing are really nice, and I have no complaints about how they work so far.

In any case, just wanted to let everyone know how things are going and that Raven's Peak had reached a pretty cool milestone!