Book Review by N.N. Light

I received a book review from N.N. Light yesterday that is currently making the rounds. So far I've gotten quite a few reviews and I'm hoping to keep pushing forward further into the launch as they trickle in.

The launch is going well. I've sold quite a few copies and had Raven's Peak featured on quite a few different blogs and websites. I have no way of knowing if any of it has contributed to sales, but it's still nice getting any feedback at all.

And, on another note, I'm officially into writing the sequel. I made it to 7,000 words so far and I have the rough outline completed, so now its just a matter of finding the time to actually sit down and put the words on paper. I basically know how the story is going to go, so it's actually coming fast. I'm not sure at all when I'll try to get the sequel released or if I'm going to try Kindle Scout again and get this one put on with Kindle Press as well. If I don't go with Kindle Scout I'm going to shoot for three months, but if I go with them it'll probably be farther out.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the link to that review:

N.N. Light