Upcoming Projects - Raven's Fall/Collision of Worlds

Raven's Fall is nearly here, and in only a few short weeks it'll be on Amazon for pre-order! It's been hectic wrapping it up and finalizing everything, and now it's time to start turning toward other works in progress.

Still plugging away on the Graveyard of Empires Sequels, as well as two other projects. One of them is a sci-fi horror novel about getting lost in space. It is set in the Graveyard of Empires as well, though a completely different kind of book. The other one is a fantasy novel with a lot of moving parts about a reluctant hero.

Both of these are being written with the intention of loading them onto Kindle Scout sometime next year. The other books I'm working on are going to be published through my own imprint, and with any luck those will be ready sometime soon.

It's been busy recently trying to catch back up to real life, so I'm not sure exactly how much writing I'm going to manage in the coming weeks, but I'm determined to at least get some of these projects underway and not just in the planning phase!