October 2017: Prepping for Halloween, The Everett Exorcism Launch, and So Much More!

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The Everett Exorcism and the World of Shadows

It is finally October, and the books in this series are about to launch! They've been running on pre-order for a good while now, and it's going to be awesome to get them out into the world on October 24th!

The second book is finished and going through the final proofread. It's going to follow hot on the heels of The Everett Exorcism and release on Halloween. It picks up the story after the first one ends and continues the story of Arthur and Niccolo.

Raven's Peak and the World on Fire

I haven't forgotten about this series, and Raven's Peak is still on sale for thisentire month for only 99 cents! I have some pretty big promotions lined up for the last week of October, including Raven's Fall and Raven's Rise going on sale for only 99 cents. It's the first time all three books have gone on sale at the same time, and I'm going to be promoting the heck out of it!

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, then that week leading up to Halloween will be the perfect time to pick up the entire series! All three combined will be less than three bucks!

I'm also hoping to continue the storyline that came together with the end of Raven's Rise in the future with another series. I wish I had more time to write to get all of this stuff done, but I promise to keep plugging away at it!

Interested in publishing your own book?

If you've thought about publishing a book and are curious to check out a launch plan, then this is the post for you. It includes a walk through of everything I'm doing to launch The Everett Exorcism.

Second Editions available now!


Most of my earlier books are available in second editions now! That includes UAV, Ripples Through Time, and Second Chances

Graveyard of Empires isn't ready for a re-launch just yet. I'm planning on writing at least one more book in the series (maybe two) and finishing up my Last Light in the Darkness series before relaunching all of these together. Hopefully, there will be a lot of new content in this ready in the coming months.

Dark Ascension

When one king falls, another rises… Defeating her nemesis is just the beginning for Ema Marx. Her past is about to catch up with her. Her future is bleak. A new enemy awaits. But her greatest challenge? Surviving her parents. Or is it surviving her on-off relationship? Wait … It’s definitely saving her unborn children. Pretty sure. Dark Ascension is the highly anticipated fourth installment of the award-winning urban fantasy series by J.D. Brown. See why readers are comparing Ema Marx to Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson. Grab your copy today!

Autumn Dark

When Alan Decker returns to the small town he and his sister grew up in, he realizes that the parts people play haven't changed, only the players. A new preacher arrives in town just as crazy events begin to occur and no one is sure whether or not he is to blame.

Alan tries to steer clear of the happenings, but is forced to get involved when his sister goes missing. He isn't afraid of any occult superstitions where his sister in concerned, but he is afraid she may have fallen off the wagon and returned to old bad habits.

Nothing is quite as it seems, and Alan is about to fall deeper into a world he isn't sure he even believes in.

The Under Series

When an injured merman is found washed up on a beach in Maine, his arrival at the ER leaves his new doctors at a loss of how to treat him. Worse, how are they going to keep him from the military's eager hands?

One reporter is hot on the trail of what she believes is an elaborate hoax—or the story of a lifetime. A story that has her tracking elusive clues into an ever-growing house of secrets surrounding one of the richest families in New York City.

For merfolk have been hiding in plain sight for centuries, and are now torn between sacrificing one of their own—or telling humanity the truth.

Underneath - A Merfolk Tale is an exceptionally different take on mermaid stories, one that combines the fear of the unknown with the need to protect those we love the most.

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