Book Review: A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine

Today I will be reviewing: A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine, which was an Book of the Day on February 26th!

About the Book

Every now and then you meet someone and instantly know they are special. This is an amazing love story of a cat named Oreo and the woman he picked to be his mom.
Oreo was famous for getting into mischief and compromising situations. You will laugh at his antics and keep wondering what he will do next!


A story about anecdotes isn't something I would normally enjoy reading, but I found the stories about Oreo to be both entertaining and engaging. If I had to be honest, I would say it was the inclusion of pictures of Oreo that really brought things to life and managed to make Oreo feel real.

Each of the chapters told some scene of Oreo's life with Caralee, and everything was so simple and fun that I really couldn't find any big faults with it. The pictures were well-chosen, the stories well-written, and by the end of the story when Oreo passes on it was as heartbreaking as just about any story about an animal I've seen in a long time.

All told, this easily earns a 4 out of 5 star rating because I feel like some of the stories could have been refined a little bit more. 

About the Author

Caralee Jardine was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She has been in retail management for the past 25yrs and is currently running her family's outdoor power equipment business. From the time she was born she loved animals so its no surprise her first book would be about her most precious cat, Oreo. Since Oreo's passing she has adopted 2 more kittens, Gizmo and Bandit. Caralee is also a huge Mickey Mouse fan. Her favorite quotes from Walt Disney are "If you can dream it you can do it." and "Its kind of fun to do the impossible."

Lincoln Cole

Lincoln Cole is a Columbus-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia, but always returns home to his pugamonster and wife. His love for writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.

He has won multiple literary awards for his novels. He has also been a bestseller in multiple different categories.