Title reveal for the next book...

I'm wrapping up the next book I'll be launching, and I finally have settled on a title for it. The cover is still being designed and hopefully I will be able to reveal that soon.

This is a prequel to Raven's Peak and takes place right after the events of The Ninth Circle

It includes more information about Arthur and his history leading up to the events of Raven's Peak and will hopefully help to fill in some of the backstory for everything in the World on Fire series. 

So, without furthuer ado....the new title for the first book in the World of Shadows series is...

The Everett Exorcism

It takes place in Everett, Washington, and is full of intrigue, demons, and more. I intend to load this one up on Kindle Scout like Raven's Peak and gather nominations, so keep a lookout for the launch of that campaign. I'll also be giving away a pretty sizable gift card during that campaign if you want a little extra incentive, so keep your eyes open!