Kindle Scout Campaign - Guide - Part 6

The Everett Exorcist was not picked for publication by Kindle Press. They sent me a long email detailing out their reasoning, and a significant part of it was the cover and the use of a rosary. I'm not too concerned because I think the rosary fits the genre and story perfectly, so I wouldn't have wanted to change those things anyway.

It's Over

Time to move on. I'm working on finishing up books II and III and plan out my launch plan. I'm hoping to launch them all in rapid succession, so it'll be a little while before they are available for the world. In the short term, however, I'm also going to start working on some more projects and planning the next book to get out in the world.

So, this is only the end of the Kindle Scout journey for TEE, and there is still a long way for this book to go to get out into the world. I'm actually excited to be able to start making plans to launch it on my own and having complete control over everything because I have some cool ideas to try out I couldn't have used with Kindle Scout.

What comes next?

One more post on the way after the acception/rejection from Amazon with details about everything surrounding the campaign and a little bit more information into the process. 

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