Website Refresh! Fixing up a new template to hopefully make things even better!

Refreshing the Design

I've updated my website in the last couple of days to hopefully be more user friendly and showcase the books a little bit more. I was getting tired of the old template and wanted to try out something new.

This one has parallax scrolling and ajax loading, two huge features that were important for me, so with luck the experience of using my site will be better than ever!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Well, one big thing I'm working on in the second half of 2017 is decoupling my books from Amazon. This has been a big year for the company in depreciating their overall value for authors. It started with dramatic cuts to their associates program and then ran across with the board with problems in the store, declining KU rates, and much more.

Raven's Peak is going to have to stay firmly in Kindle Unlimited because of Kindle Scout, but I'm planning on bringing some of my other works to a wider audience and hopefully expand beyond just Amazon. It's not going to be much of a loss leaving KU with my other titles because they don't get a lot of reads in there anyway.

I'm hoping that I can make this global venture stick, and if nothing else it should be fun at least having a few extra platforms to release content! I'm planning on using a variety of different platforms to get as much reach as possible out of it, so I'll keep you updated with information about how well it is going!

What is next?

So, here's to change! The website is going to continue being updated over the next weeks and months, but hopefully soon there will be a lot more clean content and a lot better experience!

I'm also working my way through the World of Shadows series and hoping to have that out completely on schedule. My goal is to get all three books available as fast as possible so that there isn't a huge gap between books I, II, and III.

Then I'm turning toward my Graveyard of Empires series and trying to get some stuff worked on. I've got some big projects in mind that I want to get done, and it is just time consuming but a lot of fun.

After that it will be back to World on Fire and the next steps for Haatim and Abigail. I'm far from through with their story and can't wait to return to it.

The trick is, finding the time!