September 2017 Second Half: Book Features and More!

Here is a quick update about all of the projects I'm currently working and their release dates (provided they have one).

I've also got a couple of sales running this month, plus my huge launch giveaway for The Everett Exorcism. Enter to win and you could get some really great prizes!

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Second Editions 

Most of my books have their KU contracts expiring at the end of this month (on the 28th) so I will be releasing all of them with wide distribution very soon! I already have Ripples Through Time, Second Chances, and UAV ready to re-release in a couple of days.

It'll be nice being able to promote these works to wider audiences than just Amazon, as well as releasing them for only 99 cents while retaining my 70% royalty rate across the platforms. 

The Everett Exorcism Pre-Order

This is still up for pre-order and will be out across all stores on October 24th. You can find out more about it here and order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and about ten additional sites that sell e-books.

The story is about an exorcism in a small town in Washington. The exorcist is about to find out that the theory of expelling a demon, and the reality, are two completely different things.

This book also picks up with the story of Arthur from right after The Ninth Circle and about twenty years before the events of Raven's Peak. I'm excited about this because a lot of people wanted to learn more about Arthur after the World on Fire series.

I'm also hosting a goodreads giveaway for this book so you can get a free paperback copy. Click here to enter!

The Vatican Children Pre-Order

This one follows suit right after The Everett Exorcism. I didn't want to make audiences wait for a long time before being able to pick up the story and run with it, so this gives the opportunity for readers to continue right into the series.

The third book won't be out quite as quickly, but it will still follow suit and be out by early 2018. Both will be available on all of the same platforms and this one is up for pre-order as well!

This one launches a week after the first book, on October 31st. I wrote it immediately after completing the first book and wanted to release it as soon as possible. I didn't want people to have to wait to find out what happened and what came next, but I don't want to give anything away.

Interested in learning more about how to publish a book and seeing my launch strategy for this series? Check out this post:

Last Light in the Dark

I hope I can give more details about this upcoming project because it is one I really want to write. It's set in the Graveyard of Empires series and features an entirely new cast in a different environment. Unlike GoE, this one is a space horror series that will foreshadow some of what is to come in the larger series of novels.

I don't have a lot of details yet, but after The Bishop's Legacy this is the series I want to turn to. I actually started writing some of it in an entirely new way (using Dragon Natural Speaking to record it) to see how quickly I could write by dictating.

It didn't go well. The program failed to recognize about half of the sentences and it came out almost nonsensical, but it was still a neat experiment and something I intend to try again in the future.

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