August News & Updates: CRISPR Launch!

CRISPR is coming out early!

The book is done and ready for the world, so I decided to move it up. I decided to bump the launch forward by a month in preparation for the Amazon storyteller UK contest. It will only be eligible if published in August and I figured this would be an excellent way of getting it a little extra push and incentive.

I've also put together a giveaway from Instafreebie for the opening chapters to anyone who wants to get a jump start! Just download your copy here and get ready for the actual launch!

I'm going to be sharing a lot in preparation of the launch and running some promotions. I'm also sending out the final pieces of the kickstarter to everyone who supported the book, so you can expect all of that in the coming days! 

Added surprise hidden feature...for the next five people who contact me (and live in the US) at and mention this blog post, you will get a 100% free copy of CRISPR! Just began 8/7/18 and all five copies are still up for grabs! (When one is claimed, I will remove it from the count).

Just want to see who actually reads the blog :)

Updating and releasing more Alexa skills as well. I've released a ton so far, but more on the way! I'm also trying to add new features to the skills, so hopefully I can keep making them better over time.

I would love for anyone to leave a review on my Alexa skills. It is impossible getting reviews for all of this stuff, so it would mean a lot getting some more feedback about them.

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