Book Review: Gypsy Magic

Today, I will be reviewing Gypsy Magic, by Tonya Royston.

The Review

I really enjoyed this book and learning about Gracyn as a character. The book sets up the story and gives us some strong and engaging characters who we can easily relate to, and I was thrilled to see just how deep the story went and how interesting those characters could become.

I think this is certainly an author to watch out for in the future, and she has a very vivid way of developing her story and giving us enough details to bring the story to life without bogging us down in extraneous features. 

Gracyn was a great character, and watching her adapt to this new magical world that she knew nothing about was a real treat. I think that fans of the YA genre who love powerful female characters exeriencing an unexpected world for the first time certainly won't be disappointed.

Verdict: 4-Star

For the right audience, this book will really suck you into the world!

Author Biography

Tonya Royston lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, son, two dogs, and two horses. Although she dreamed of writing novels at a young age, she was diverted away from that path years ago and built a successful career as a contracts manager for a defense contractor in the Washington, DC area. She resurrected her dream of writing in 2013 and hasn't stopped since the first words of The Sunset Trilogy were unleashed.

When she isn't writing, Tonya spends time with her family. She enjoys skiing, horseback riding, and anything else that involves the outdoors. 

More information about Tonya and her upcoming endeavors can be found at