Book Review: The Blessing of Movement

Book Review: The Blessing of Movement

Today I'll be interviewing The Blessing of Movement by Deborah Konrad.


The Blessing of Movement
By Deborah Konrad

The Review

The Blessing of Movement is a motivational novel about the author living with her disabled sister and trying to find the best parts of life. It isn't something I normally read, but as soon as I picked this up I found myself completely engrossed in this heart wrenching story. 

It is emotional and achingly good as it delves into the good and bad moments of life, and there were parts of the story that were incredibly sad and made me cry. The author did an amazing job of building up the emotion of the story and really driving home just how great life can be.

Given the topics covered in this story, and the circumstances all of the characters are facing, it would have been easy to make this a depressing novel and just left it at that, but Deborah manages to make it uplifting and powerful as well, truly capturing the essence of this situation.

The Rating: 4-Star

The story is captivating and well worth reading for anyone who enjoys motivational and heartbreaking stories.

About the Author

Deborah Konrad was born in Houston, Texas during the latter part of the Jim Crow era. At the young age of fifteen, she was faced with assisting her parents with the care of her paralyzed sister, Sandra. This experience, and the events that led up to it, serve as the backdrop to her first book, "The Blessing of Movement". Deborah has had a varied professional life, running the gamut from stockbroker to quality assurance manager. The one consistent thread that runs throughout her life is writing. She holds a BA in Biochemistry and an MA in Healthcare Administration. Deborah lives in Cypress, Texas with her husband Nelson.