Book Review: Trojan

Book Review: Trojan

Today I will be reviewing Trojan: The Enemy Within by David L. Wallace.


Trojan: The Enemy Within
By David L Wallace

Trojan: The Enemy Within by David L. Wallace is a captivating and original thriller novel that is simultaneously true to the genre and the things readers have come to expect while also being entirely different and offering a unique perspective in the styles that it implements and blends into the storytelling.

I think a lot of people might be put off by the cover and expect it to be a political book, and indeed there are some themes for that throughout, but in general it is just a technothriller with some really interesting characters. 

It reminded my a lot of the Die Hard movie about the government systems being attacked and it was just as fun and fast-paced as the movie. I didn't really know what to expect throughout, and it had just enough cool explosions and fast-action scenes to keep me engaged in the story the entire time.

Rating: 4-Stars

For fans of the genre, this one is sure to deliver and hold your attention.

About the Author


Before publishing my debut novel, I served over 27 years as an information technology professional working initially for the US Navy, and then the Department of the Navy and various fortune companies. I’m a UCLA Writing Program alumnus, who writes mystery thrillers and children stories. After years of crafting and fine-tuning my story telling ability, 2016 is the year of the launch of my debut novel titled Trojan, which is based on a “what if” scenario I envisioned years ago while attending the Naval & Marine Corps Computer Science School at Quantico. My vow to my readers is to capture your imagination and keep you engaged, from the beginning of each story to its riveting conclusion.