Book Review: Prophase: A Present Tale (The Mitosis Series Book 1)

Today I will be reviewing Prophase: A Present Tale (The Mitosis Series Book 1) by Mitchel Street.

The Review

This book is full of some truly stunning moments, and the visualization in it is incredible. The author does an amazing job of setting the scene for everything that takes place, and Piper is an easy to engage with and likable character that audiences will find easy to connect with.

There is a lot of magic and sorcery in this book, and at times it can get a little overbearing just how much is introduced. The author does a decent job of keeping it all relative and simple, but at times I wish he had stepped back and allowed us to fully appreciate each piece independently before introducing something else.

That being said, that is only a minor complaint, and I can definitely see fans of fantasy novels truly enjoying this new world and following along with the compelling characters. It is a fairly typical 'average girl discovers she has special powers and is important' story, but it is well-told and enjoyable.

Rating: 4-Star

Fans of the genre will enjoy this one as an easy escape!

About the Author

Mitchel Street is an avid storyteller with an innate passion for fiction writing. He was raised in rural Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan across from a small forest that became his second home. As an adult, M. Street has lived on the East Coast in Boston, on the West Coast in San Jose, and now resides South, in the great city of Austin, TX. A love for nature, art, spirituality, and science has been his foundation. He has been fortunate to have been adopted by cats, dogs, birds, frogs, turtles, and Monarch butterflies. His professional background is rooted in Engineering having earned a graduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is technically published (under a different name). He is currently creating Metaphase and Anaphase, the follow-on to Prophase, part of the Mitosis series.