Book Review: The Water Trade

Today, I will be reviewing The Water Trade by Rob Smith.

The Review

The Water Trade
By Rob Smith

This book was a little bit slower than I would have liked, but I suppose that comes with the territory. It just felt like things took a long time to happen. The actual history in the book, and the background, was great. It reminded me a little of a Michael Crichton novel where the first fifty or sixty pages are totally useless while we wait for the actual story to start.

That being said, it did pick up by the end and became interesting, and the ending was actually quite fine. The quality of the writing was fairly good, as well, despite the occasional over-expanation and redundancy. 

All in all, the book was well-put together and interesting, despite not really being my cup of tea, and I can applaud the author for the effort.

Rating: 3-Star

Fans of Historical fiction novels should really enjoy this one.