Book Review: First Contact: Strings Attached

Today I will be reviewing First Contact, Strings Attached by Paul J Nelson.

About the Author

Paul J. Nelson, J.D., a former workaholic, quit work to rest. His wife then needed rest too. She locked him in his den. He had to email her his literary output for the day, before she would let him out for dinner. Many days dinner was cold.

The Review

I love stories that are about a first contact story with an alien race that we have never before interacted with because they have so much room for creating a chilling environment wrapped up in a great story. This book wasn't an exception to that trend, because our protagonist doesn't really understand what is going on throughout the entire story regarding an alien message he receives.

The story features telepathy, which is another really great feature that drives the story. Eventually, the MC has to come to terms with his decision to either try and become the hero to save the planet or not. I am not a huge fan of sci-fi books that feature wild and crazy aliens and a lot of different races, unless it is done really well, but this book completely skirted around that issue by making it about technology and world-changing decisions rather than crazy and inventive aliens.

All in all, this book didn't really falter in any major categories, and now the only downside is having to wait an entire year for the sequel to come out. I'll be looking forward to reading more by this author!

Rating: 4-Star

Fans of the genre will love it, and even people who just enjoy a good sci-fi romp will have fun!

About the Book

Zalk, an astronomer on an oppressive industrial-age world, discovers more than just life on the other planet they share their orbit with – he forges a telepathic link with an ambassador from this spacefaring society, who promises wealth and fantastic technology. The catch? He must implement plans for a mining operation, financed by drops of gold from the heavens...

What exactly are the intentions of this celestial messenger? Can he reconcile with an antagonistic reporter to find out in time? Joining forces may be their only hope to save their world.