Book Review: The Band 4 - The Air We Breathe

Today I will be reviewing: The Band 4 - The Air We Breathe


This one was interesting, but certainly not my cup of tea. My biggest complaint with the book, and where I feel the author should focus, is developing unique and strong characters that are easy to relate with. The problem was that they occasionally blended together and it was difficult to tell them apart. 

That isn't to say that the story was bad, it was just that there was so much going on it was very important for characterization to drive this story, but at times they were weak or barely visible. I thought that the plot itself was good, and there were moments in the story where the author really did a great job of driving the story, but unfortunately I would have liked to see just a little bit more about the background and personalities of our characters so that they would come to life a little easier. It might be worth spending more time thinking through characters and giving them little quirks and character traits because there wasn't a lot of antagonism in the story.

Rating: 3-Star

Certainly enjoyable, but with weak characters the story suffered and needed a little bit more to bring it all together.

About the Book

The Band 4: The Air We Breathe
By Marguerite Nardone Gruen

Marguerite is on holiday in London, finally free after 27 years of feeling like a hostage to her strict and overbearing parents. Also in London, and struggling with his thoughts of freedom, is Chase Martin―one fourth of the most successful band on the planet―who knows that freedom can only come at the expense of his band-mates.

They come from completely different worlds, but when those worlds collide―on a rainy night in a small coffee shop―nothing will ever be the same again. Before ever laying eyes on him, his pain and anxiety somehow reaches her, and she feels moved to alleviate it… to offer comfort, which he desperately needs. After years of performing with his band-mates, they are closer than brothers. They are a part of one another, and the compulsion he is feeling to separate from them, is tearing him apart.

The strange bond Marguerite and Chase discover goes beyond attraction or desire. It goes beyond love or lust or anything either of them have ever experienced. It is absolutely terrifying, but to walk away from its pull would be like choosing not to breathe.

This is a story of love, oss and heart-break… of family and friendship. This is their story.

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