Book Review: The Compulsive Move by Phillip Cornell

Today I will be reviewing The Compulsive Move by Phillip Cornell

About the Book

The Compulsive Move
By Phillip Cornell

The inner struggle of a teen doing his own thing, as opposed to doing what is right. He hides his true intentions, from his friends and family, to uproot his entire life and move from St. Louis to Chicago. This novel undergoes a profile of his personal and work life, along with a step by step analysis of how he executed such a difficult task. Emotionally speaking, he thoroughly under thinks a lot of situations that leads to a series of bad decisions.


This was a short read, but not at all what I expected. It is a story about Kevin, who is a youth struggling to get by and make his dreams come true. I liked that aspect of the story, because I think it is important for people to follow their dreams and make them a reality.

However, I felt like the story was too short and left too many holes to really be a complete work. The family hostility is never really explained, and it felt like a lot of the story was being withheld so that the author can release another work later with more of the background, and I think certain elements should have been included directly in this instead of being held apart.

That being said, the story was entertaining to read, despite never really having anything major happen. It was just the story of a young man trying to achieve his dreams, and for that I can appreciate it. If it had given us more background, I might have rated it higher, but it still earns 4 out of 5 stars and is worth looking into considering how short it is.

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