Book Review: Granny's Stories

Today, I will be reviewing Granny's Stories by Margaret Henderson. It was an Book of the Day.

About the Book

Granny's Stories
By Margaret Henderson

Here is a life story to be gleaned from tales of adventure, remarkable journeys, and interesting people. The author’s intention is to inform and inspire her granddaughters, and to leave them with an image of her as something more than the old woman they knew and loved.

Some internet research into the lists at the end of some of the sections will provide an historical and geographical backdrop to many of the lively anecdotes.


This book is full of some of the most interesting stories I've ever seen about someone's life in a long time. She organizes everything by date and time to explain events that transpired and that she lived through. It all flows easily and felt very personable because the story was directed toward the granddaughter of the author and this in turn makes it feel like she is talking directly to us, the readers.

The focus of the book is on characters, and the people she's met in her life and how they influenced her. I liked that as a focus, because often it is by examing the people that influenced us that we can learn about ourselves and each other much more clearly.

I will rate this book 5 out of 5 because of how well put together all of the stories are. The author didn't give a lot of historical backdrop, and for readers who don't know a lot about the events this can be rather confusing at times, but in general it isn't necessary to tell the story.

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