Book Feature: Who Sings to the Dead

Today's Featured book is Who Sings to the Dead!

Who sings to the dead: Who can you trust in a country haunted by its past?

On the hunt for an abducted Indian beggar girl, Peruvian National Police officer Nina Flores is determined to track down the suspected kidnapper, a man who resembles what the locals call pishtacos: tall, pale ghosts who steal children. In spite of being jumped by a mysterious attacker, and the murder of a woman who gets too close to the truth, Nina is blocked at every turn by her superiors. Then she discovers links to a second case reaching back twenty years to the country's dirty war. Defying the powers that be, Nina forms a shaky alliance with a member of a brutal drug cartel and heads deep into the Amazon jungle. She will bring the lost one home, or die trying.

Born in the wilds of San Francisco, with its rich literary history and public transport system teeming with potential characters suitable for crime novels, the stage was set for Max Tomlinson to become a writer. He is also kindred spirits with a dog named Floyd, a shelter mix who stops and stares at headlights as they pass by at night. There's a story there, too. If only Floyd could talk. Then again, maybe not. Max has published five novels to date: SENDERO (listed as one of the top 100 Indie novels of 2012 by Kirkus), WHO SINGS TO THE DEAD, LETHAL DISPATCH and LOOKING FOR THE DEAD BOYS. His latest - THE CAIN FILE - an international spy thriller set in the US and South America, was selected by Amazon's Kindle Scout program for publication in January 2016.

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