Book Review: The Pursuit of Time by William H. May

Today I will be reviewing The Pursuit of Time by William H. May, which was an Book of the Day!

About the Book

In the year 2038 as the world struggles to adapt to energy shortages and the effects of global warming, advances in medical technology make human brain transplants possible. This story chronicles the effect this advance has on society and the fight by one dying man to extend his life with the help of his attorney friend. It challenges stereotypically held views of the elderly and their capabilities.


It was nice seeing this book as something of an upbeat futuristic book rather than something that is dystopian and talks about the world declining over time. It was a good change of pace, especially considering how the world has been going recently. I also appreciated the fact that this book wasn't about a young man, because it seems like all sci-fi is about children and young adults rather than older people.

John Axelton was a great character, and the fact that this book challenged commonly held beliefs about what they are allowed to do. Myra was an interesting character, fairly well created, but I would have liked to see much more of her in the book. She felt more like a side character and just something to bounce plot ideas off of rather than something the author put a lot of work into.

The medical aspects of the story are also fairly well put together and the idea of the transplants to prolong the ideas of the super intelligent was interesting. The science felt reasonable, and not even that far-fetched, and I thought the author did a good job of presenting it and its ethical costs.

This book had some missteps in it, but it was all around an enjoyable read. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars and say it is worth reading for people who like sci-fi books set only a short ways into the future and with some upbeat ideas wrapped inside of it.

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