Huge Goal met thanks to Online Book Club!

I wanted to post this because right now all three of the books in the World on Fire series are below #10,000 rank in the entire store!

That means that out of millions of books, my entire series is in the top 10,000! Getting into the top 10,000 for a single book is really hard, but putting the entire series up there is awesome!

Raven's Peak, the first book, is sitting at #5,365!

Raven's Fall, the second book, is at #8,492!

Raven's Rise, the third entry, is at #9,463!

The series is kicking butt!

Previously, Raven's Peak has climbed all the way to #49 in the entire store on Amazon, but this is the first time that all three books have broken the top 10k together! This is possible thanks to Online Book Club and their amazing support these last few days!

That means that the series has been selling really well over the last few days and breaking new records I haven't been able to reach yet! This is really cool and means a lot, so thank you! Check out Raven's Peak as book of the month over there at OBC!