Book Review: Immediacy by Fred Emil Katz

Today, I will be reviewing Immediacy byFred Emil Katz, which was an Book of the Day for May 30, 2017!

About the Book

Explores a new paradigm for understanding social-psychological situations in which we live our lives.
Along the way it illuminates the seductive appeal of cults and false messiahs, ways in which morality can be ennobling as well as deadly, the power of prayer, and the hidden side of personal careers.


I found the views expressed in this book to be interesting and compelling, and even the presentation felt clean and well-delivered. The cover is very bland, but since it is a work of nonfiction I can forgive that.

The author did an incredible job of sourcing his material and making it easy to look up the texts and ideas he was referencing. I found myself jumping to those during particularly interesting passages, and I have to say I was impressed with just how good a job he did in explaining some difficult topics simply. His ideas of immediacy and the way they affect our day to day lives was quite compelling.

I'll rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because every once in a while it felt like the author was repeating himself and trying to really drive home a few points a little too much. It would have been better if he took a step back and let the readers deal with the issues rather than explaining them so many different ways. It is a small complaint, though, and I think a lot of people will find valuable information here.

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