Summer Solstice - Max Tomlinson - Darknet One

Max Tomlinson included his short story Darknet One for the Kindle Scout Anthology. It is in the same vein as the rest of his works and hopefully will do an amazing job of introducing everyone to the world.

The Cain File

The Quito op was meant to be a milk run for Agent Maggie de la Cruz: just hand over the two-million-dollar payoff and nail Commerce Oil for drilling in the Amazon. But that's not quite how things play out. The sting is sabotaged. Bullets fly. And Maggie has to run.

Then an eco-terrorist group headed up by the notorious Comrade Cain kidnaps a corrupt oil minister and the Agency needs to send Maggie back to clean up Washington's mess. Another milk run? Maybe--if no one has a secret agenda. Events continue to go off-kilter: the suspicious detainment of a field agent at Bogotá International, leaving Maggie on her own; terrorists who seem more interested in the payoff money than the cause; case handlers with shadowy links that can't be easily explained; and worse. But Agent de la Cruz will deal with it. Any way she can.

About Max

Born in the wilds of San Francisco, with its rich literary history and public transport system teeming with characters suitable for crime novels, the stage was set for Max Tomlinson to become a writer. He has published six novels to date: SENDERO (listed as one of the top 100 Indie novels of 2012 by Kirkus), WHO SINGS TO THE DEAD, LETHAL DISPATCH, LOOKING FOR THE DEAD BOYS, THE CAIN FILE (selected by Amazon's Kindle Scout program), and the follow-up - THE DARKNET FILE - published in March 2017.