Begin Again by Kathryn Kelly

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Begin Again

Savannah Richards may be charming, fashionable, and, thanks to her intelligence, at the top of her career as a drug rep, but she doesn’t have time for romance. She found love once, twenty years ago, but it didn’t end well. Noah set a high bar for love in Savannah’s dreams. No other man had ever come close.

Noah Worthington’s career as an airline pilot keeps him in the air more than at home. Maybe that contributed to the downfall of his marriage. Or maybe it was the memories of the studious college freshman he’d left behind. Then a chance encounter with her sends his heart soaring. Can he be the man now that he failed to be twenty years ago?

Savannah doesn’t believe in chance. Noah disappeared from her life once. Now he’s back. Forgiving past wrongs would take courage. Has too much time passed, or are they willing to take a second chance on a once in a lifetime love?

Begin Again was published by Kindle Press and is a romance novel with creative and compelling characters.

Praise for Begin Again

This is the second time I have read and forgot what I had to do that day as a casual glance became an effort to get to the next page. I really enjoyed it.
The second time around romance everybody dreams of. Nice story plot with ups and downs.
A likable love story, that is not the normal cookie cutter story. There is uniqueness in the premise and uniqueness in the characters. As is evident from the cover, airplanes are involved, and technically, for once, the author got the details correct. Lots of details and facts woven into the story making this a very entertaining read!
Great read! I really enjoyed reading this book. Can’t wait to read another by Kathryn Kelly!
A good second chance romance novel that is wholesome. I would recommend it for young adults. Well written.
The characters were well-developed with intriguing personality traits. I especially enjoyed the material that was psychologically related. It added a deeper dimension to the story. This is my first book by this author and I’m excited about the possibility of reading other books that she has written. A nice tale of romance that elicited warm emotions that were wholesome in nature. I would recommend to this for readers of all ages.

A Message from Kathryn Kelly

Imagine if you unexpectedly saw your sweetheart from long ago across a crowded room. Perhaps you’d recognize them immediately, but would they recognize you? Some of you might decide to say hello, but others would choose not to, instead leaving that memory cleanly locked away in the past. You might be too upset or perhaps afraid of how it would feel. Seeing that person might bring back memories of your time together and you might start to wonder what if… 

An Interview Featuring Noah and Savannah by Kathryn Kelly

I’m here at Starbuck’s in Birmingham with Noah and Savannah where they agreed to meet me for an interview. They just flew in from Ft. Worth where Noah’s air charter company is based. They’re sitting side by side, hands clasped together. Savannah is sipping a hot latte and Noah is drinking a sweet cream cold brew. They seem excited to get the interview started.

Me: “What is your favorite occupation?”

Noah: “Do you have to ask?”

Savannah: “I think pilots are kind of sexy.” 

Me: “What is your idea of perfect happiness?”

Noah: “Flying my Cessna CJ4 jet with Savannah sitting next to me. It doesn’t matter where we’re going. Flying has always been my favorite pastime, but with Savannah next to me, I’m in absolute bliss.”

Me: “What is your greatest extravagance?”

Savannah: “Music boxes. My dad gave me a music box on my twenty-first birthday. It’s the last thing he gave me before he died that year. Noah likes to go to antique stores when we travel. Whenever I see a music box, I have to buy it because I like to believe that it meant something special to someone.”

Me: “When and where were you happiest?”

Savannah: “When I was a freshman in college. For a couple of reasons. One, what better job could anyone possibly have than learning? Life was simpler then. And then there was Noah. We did everything together.”

Noah: “When I was a senior in college. My life revolved around two things: flying and Savannah. But if I had to pick one moment in time, I’d say it was that day I saw Savannah in the airport.”

Me: “Which talent would you most like to have?”

Savannah: “I’d love to be able to paint. I have absolutely no artistic talent and I envy those who do. I would love to be able to get lost in the colors and images.”

Me: “What do you consider your greatest achievement?”

Noah: “Definitely my daughter Danielle.”

Me: “If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?”

Noah: “I’d be a bird. Then I could fly all the time.”

Savannah: “I think I’d be a duck. Ducks can fly, but they can also swim… and walk on land. Ducks are versatile, but they’re also pretty.”

Me: “Where would you most like to live?”

Savannah: “New York. I love the energy of so many people. I think Noah would like to live in the city, too. Since he likes the sky so much.”

Noah: “Actually, Lake Martin – away from people.”

Me: “What is your most marked characteristic?”

Savannah: “It would have to be my ability to forgive. I haven’t always been able to do that. I actually studied Buddhism for awhile and worked very hard challenging myself to transcend my anger and resentment. It used to be that my greatest flaw was holding a grudge, but I’ve tried to develop a level of maturity that allows me to be more accepting.”

Me: “What are your favorite names?”

Noah: “My favorite name is Skye. Think about it. Flying. And it’s Savannah’s middle name. I’m thinking about naming my company Skye Travels.”

Savannah: “Maybe we’ll name our daughter Skye.”

Noah glanced at her, but didn’t say anything. Hmm.

Me: “What is your greatest regret?”

Noah: “My greatest regret is letting my father pressure me into marrying someone besides Savannah. I never should have left her.”

Savannah: “What about your daughter?”

Noah: “Having Danielle is the only good thing that came out of my marriage. She’s the thing that makes what I did bearable.”

Me: “What is your greatest fear?”

Savannah: “Frogs, especially having one land on me. Noah took me out to frog hunt once when we were in college. I still haven’t forgiven him for that despite my studies in Buddhism. Trust me. Frog hunting will never happen again.”

Noah kissed her on the cheek and grinned. “How about parasailing?”

Who are Noah and Savannah?

Savannah is a charming, fashionable, successful drug rep who found the love of her life the day she set foot on her college campus twenty years ago. Like many young romances, it didn't end well. But Noah set the bar that no other man could come close to. 

Noah Worthington has had a successful career as an airline pilot. His marriage is already over when he sees Savannah standing in an airport. His heart soars. But he's terrified that he'll let her down again. 

This is the story of two people who put their past behind them and took a second chance on love. 

Lincoln Cole

Lincoln Cole is a Columbus-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia, but always returns home to his pugamonster and wife. His love for writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.

He has won multiple literary awards for his novels. He has also been a bestseller in multiple different categories.