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Have you ever thought about keeping chickens but didn't know how to begin? Pip! Zip! Hatch! Love! is the only book you will need!

Learn what breed to choose, where to find chickens, detailed instructions on successful hatching, housing, keeping your flock safe, and much more! Full of fun pictures and interesting facts, Pip! Zip! Hatch! Love! is the essential guide for new chicken keepers of any age!

Written by a well-known breeder, the author shares the knowledge gained from years of raising chickens. Having worked with hundreds of new chicken owners, Susanne knows the questions people have when they are starting out and wrote this book to answer them. Although written in a conversational style that kids will understand and enjoy, this book is jammed pack with information that will be helpful to any new chicken owner.

Summer fun at the Jersey Shore. Casey of Cranberry Cove is the story of Casey Whitman who comes of age in this story of summer flings. Of course, Casey's suitor is only a guest at the Cove for a few weeks - what a dilemma? As Casey's romance heats up, her friend Phoebe tries her hardest to light a flame in her own summer-love.

Will Casey's summer of love end in rainbows and fireworks? Or will stormy seas prevail?

In school, Toby Faye was a moody kid who sat in the back of class and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Claudia might have forgotten him if it weren't for the two fatal circumstances surrounding his family. In their small town, the Faye name was infamous.

An unexpected job offer drops Claudia back into Toby's life, and that of his widowed mother. Older now, Toby is a mass of muscles and unruly hair; a real head-turner. Despite Claudia's attempt to stay away from Toby, his blue-grey eyes expose a need she cannot ignore. Toby's world is a place where sadness lingers and old wounds run deep. Touched by the family's plight, Claudia vows to help Toby and his mother move past the hurt. 

When a local hate crime is linked to Toby and his friends, doubts are cast. Old friends become enemies. Animosity between Claudia's father and Toby strains the father-daughter relationship. Taking Toby's side means Claudia will be forced to face situations she never imagined. She will have to be tougher than she's ever had to be. Does Claudia have the grit to love Toby through his fall?

There's a lull in serious crime in Chester. Sergeant Karen Greenwood is invited to a smart lunch in a city centre hotel where a successful money-making scheme is being promoted.

Her boss, Inspector Walter Darriteau, receives a late night telephone call from a long-ago superior from Scotland Yard. He needs an urgent favour and he needs it bad.

The body of a young woman is dumped outside the swimming baths in the middle of the night, but who is she, and who is responsible?

Between 2,500 and 3,000 years ago an Angeli by the name of Nathon Bealson made a wonderful discovery. With the aid of his ability, he was able to open a great gate way that allowed Superians to travel to any of the dozens of moons surrounding their planet, but it wasn’t enough. It was then he made a terrible discovery, a life changing discovery that would curse us all.
He found that if he combined his epoto ability, with that of his gate making ability, he could pull an endless supply of energy from the elements, and use it to fuel is own strength. The reach of the gate ways he created became boundless.
By fortune or error he found a planet larger than our own, weightless, and lit by a single sun. It was called Earth. After many sojourns through the gate way, Superians grew curious, and joined Nathon across the galaxy to explore the new world.
In the years that followed, our welcome wore thin, and we found ourselves confronted by beings that called themselves gods. The gods were terrible, short tempered, and thought themselves invincible. Close to immortal, yes, but they were not invincible. A war broke out between the angeli and the gods, and for time, we were winning. Greeks, they called themselves, but when the Egyptian gods arrived the tables turned. Indian gods, and their Norn brothers and sisters, assured our defeat. 
The battle was pure chaos, an atmosphere in which some of the gods drew added strength. We destroyed the very island we battled upon, sinking it into the depths of the oceanus, but it wasn’t enough. The fight for our survival began. We ran back through the gate way, in full retreat, but they followed us through.