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Set in the spectacular Four Corners region, this book is a masterful blend of mystery and romance wrapped around the most dangerous eco-terrorism plot imaginable. It also provides a fascinating glimpse into Navajo tradition, history, and contemporary culture.

All Matthew Yazee wants when he steps through the doors of the Whitehorse, Stevens, and Whitehorse law office in Farmington, NM is for his employer to cover his medical bills. After all, it was the stuff in their barrels that made him sick.What he nor anyone else expects that day is that his simple complaint will unearth the most dangerous eco-terrorism plot the country, and perhaps the world, has ever faced. It's a plot that endangers the lives of millions and threatens the economy of the western U.S. as nothing ever has. 

Just as Chaco Whitehorse takes up his investigation, he receives the most startling news any man can ever hear - news that drives the final nail into his troubled relationship with long-time girlfriend, Kathy, and forever alters the priorities of his life. But as one door closes, could another be opening? 

As Chaco delves deeper into the case, he must protect the Yazees from certain death, and place himself and everyone associated with the case in mortal danger as he pursues the conspirators across some of the most iconic landscape the west has to offer, all at a time when those closest to him need him more than ever.

Fountains of Fire is a wonderful blend of high adventure, intrigue, and intimate romance that will make you want to hug your pillow a little closer as it tugs at your heartstrings, but also to make you feel safe again.

Following the death of his father at the hands of terrorists, 22 year-old Joe spirals into depression. Using drink to kill the pain, he abuses himself and alienates his loved ones. His life in a dystopian post-Brexit Britain is a chaos of binges and fights, while his dreams are haunted by repressed childhood memories.

When the black sheep of the family, Uncle Steve, takes Joe under his wing, the young man enters an ugly world of vice and fascism. Although gang membership means glory, fame and money, it comes at a cost to his soul. 

Battling against his own conscience, Joe makes as many foes as friends. Soon, there's no escape from his uncle's organisation and their racist violence. 

Unlike Steve, Joe wasn't born a monster. But his fangs are growing sharper every day.

When a small town well-respected political operative is forced by her disgruntled mother to move into the family home to care for her ill father, her dreams become nightmares and her nightmares reality.

Harassed by her mother and overwhelmed by her father’s non-stop caretaker schedule, Angelica Mason’s daydreams become as unnerving as her bewitching nightmares.

Does she imagine that her boss fires her? Did she quit her job and tell her boss to ‘stuff it’?

Does the love of her life back-stab her? 

Chicago native Rochelle DuFortier likes to imagine the future, her world a series of picture postcards so vivid they sometimes seem real. When a foolish mistake at thirteen causes her mother’s death, she’s sent to a secluded Hawaiian valley, an outsider “haole-girl” among pidgin-speaking boys who hurl flaming papala spears under the full moon to summon her mother’s spirit. After boarding school and a prestigious university back east, the ambitious young woman is torn between chasing new career opportunities, discovering her mother’s heritage in a remote French village, and meeting obligations pulling her back to Hawaii.

On this island steeped in ancient mythology and modern superstition, Rochelle tests the possibility of sharing pieces of her life with those whose beliefs she barely understands and never intends to embrace. She dives the depths of a pristine coral lagoon, conceals bodies in a subterranean lava tube, and challenges the eruptions of a living volcano, even as she deciphers the truth about her mother’s death and struggles to satisfy new debts born of old betrayals.

Papala Skies is the story of a young woman who makes all the right choices, only to find herself living an unexpected life. It is about the need to belong, and seeking one’s own version of truth amid such differing cultures’ responses to wrenching loss and abiding grief. It is about yearning for a sense of place, yet having to confront new ways to honor the love of family and friends.

This first volume of the Star Trails Tetralogy, a science fiction series for teens and young adults, begins with a familiar scene, a heated conflict between two siblings. Creena Brightstar is 14, her brother, Dirck, 17 and neither has any clue how their latest altercation will change not only their lives but that of their entire family forever. The story begins with the Brightstar family uncomfortably crammed into a small cabin on a starship immigrating to Cyraria where their father has a prestigious assignment as the planet's chief terralogist. However, in a desperate attempt for some alone time following their latest argument Creena accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that will not only separate her farther from Dirck than she ever imagined but scatter her entire family throughout the galaxy, each to face harrowing situations the likes of which they've never seen. Or was it an accident? With their father's abilities in high demand, certain power-hungry individuals will stop at nothing to achieve domination, including exploiting the situation in devious and potentially deadly ways. Creena and Dirck soon discover that their comfortable homeworld has left them woefully unprepared for the intrigue, danger, chaos and adventure they encounter, not only in this volume but in the three that follow. Choices, even seemingly small, insignificant ones, can have tremendous consequences as each character discovers in this fast-moving space adventure.

A young boy, Tom, goes to his Grandfather’s home in the village of Cairn Holme to spend his summer holidays. Staying in the small village deep in the Scottish Highlands, his grandfather reveals to him that he is the bearer of a magical staff. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Tom finds himself dragged back in time to fight great evil using the staff he knows little about. Forced to learn the lore which is his heritage in a matter of weeks, he struggles against dark forces to help keep himself and his family alive.
A Baptism of fire, the little boy who is obsessed with magical adventures finds himself in the middle of a story he can’t put down.