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Arthur Vangeest has been hunting a cult known as the Ninth Circle for months and finally located their base of operations, but something goes terribly wrong. Someone he trusts betrays him and his family is murdered.

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Argus Wade was born into the Ministry. He knew from an early age that he was different from the other students who learned there: the threat of death - or worse - loomed over him because of his special gifts.

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Nichole is caught in a tough position. She is juggling too many responsibilities as her world falls apart. She isn’t sure where she can turn to for help, and she is facing a lot of harsh realities about just how much society can hold her back.

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Calvin Greenwood is a family man in his eighties. He is alone for the first time in over sixty years, and he isn't taking it well. Love, loss, and forgiveness weave through this human tale of friendship and hope.

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