Tap Trivia

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Tap Trivia

Multiple game types for a lot of fun! Play some trivia and see who is the best!

Available on All Alexa Enabled Devices!

Trivia for groups of people with quick commands and a wide range of questions and game types, including an instant win game, a round robin normal game, and a streak game to get as many right in a row as you can! High scores are included and more features to be added over time!


You can ask for a question from any category at any time if you just want to play the trivia. For the Game Types below, though, the categories are random and you just have to keep up!

-- Animals
-- Celebrities
-- Computers
-- Music
-- Film & Movies
-- General Knowledge
-- Random
-- Science & Nature
-- Board Games
-- Video Games
-- Television
-- Musicals
-- Art
-- Politics
-- History
-- Geography
-- Sports
-- Mythology
-- Mathematics
-- Vehicles
-- Comics
-- Books
-- Gadgets
-- Japanese Anime & Manga
-- Riddles
-- Cartoons & Animation
-- World of Warcraft
-- Real or Fake
-- Finances



Button Game - up to four devices, buzz in when you want to answer! First to five wins! Play in teams if you want! Each device will be assigned a color and it will let you know who buzzed in!

Instant Win - Miss a question and you're out! Last person standing wins! Unlimited players.

Normal - Play with up to two other friends in a round robin game to see who can get the most right out of three apiece.

Streak - Go at it solo to get as many correct in a row! Miss a question and you'll have to start over!


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He has won multiple literary awards for his novels. He has also been a bestseller in multiple different categories.