The Daily Briefing

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The Daily Briefing

Super simple application that does just one thing: delivers a quote of the day, word of the day, and fact of the day. There are ten included categories for the quotes and it updates the information fairly often, so getting your flash briefing will usually have a new nugget of wisdom. All you need to do is ask for your flash briefing to get a new quote, fact, and word.

Available on All Alexa Enabled Devices!

Not out yet, but Available June, 2018.

Lincoln Cole

Lincoln Cole is a Columbus-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia, but always returns home to his pugamonster and wife. His love for writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.

He has won multiple literary awards for his novels. He has also been a bestseller in multiple different categories.