Draft2Digital: Indie Author Review

Draft2Digital is an e-book distribution website that allows authors to load and create their book one time and then distribute it to all different platforms at once. It cuts down on the time and upkeep that goes into selling a book and allows authors to spend more time writing.

That's the theory, anyway, and in practice it seems to work about the same. One huge advantage of using companies like this (including Pronoun and Smashwords) is that they can also reach distribution networks and online stores that an author simply couldn't reach on their own. It saves time and energy and expands our reach.

However, this isn't the only game in town, so is it worth putting all your eggs in Draft2Digital's basket?

Distribution Advantages include things like E-Book Building. Basically, you format your word document, give it to D2D, and they will give you back a pretty ePub, PDF, and Mobi file that rivals some of the best content formatting services out there. Never again will an indie author have to pay for formatting service, because this does everything you would ever need.

It's even smart enough that if you give them only a decently formatted document, they can still usually work with it quickly and efficiently to turn it into a document ready for primetime.

Their UI is also sleek and easy to use and they are friendly and fun to work with.

Does the company have disadvantages? Yep. They let you put your books out on many of the top retailers, but they don't have access to google play or Amazon. In this category, pronoun has a major advantage, because if you go with Draft2Digital you're still going to have to reach out to Amazon for distribution directly, and you might not even be able to hit google.

They also take a fairly sizable cut of your profits. This won't mean much for newbies just starting out, but if you're talking about their cut being in the thousands, then suddenly it might seem more worthwhile to put in the extra work to sell the book individually to each site.

However, they have another major, major advantage over other platforms.


What is Books2Read? It is a link website for wide authors that will serve as a clickthrough or custom landing page for readers to be directed to any store to buy from. If they prefer amazon, then this page will send them to Amazon, or B&N, or Kobo, or Google Play, or any other number of platforms.

It is similar to genius link as well in that within Amazon, it will send them to a specific store based on their country. It also has affiliate link capability so you can profit from the clicks no matter which affiliate store they use.

One extra thing they have over genius link is that you can turn the affiliate off with a simple url parameter. Just add in an affiliate off tag and you can put the links in your email knowing that readers won't be sent with a clickthrough from the email to the amazon site.

It isn't perfect and comes with some oddities and flaws (and perhaps the ability to display TOO many stores) but it is still one of the best solutions out there. I use Books2Read links on all of my webpages as one of my primary click through methods to take people to stores. Considering its free, it's very hard to beat and an amazing benefit of working with D2D. 

However, you can use them over at B2R even if you don't use D2D because their service is free!

My Experience with Them has been positive. I have used Draft2Digital for a while, and they are an integral part of my plan to distribute my books wide. 

  • Books2Read is a huge advantage that comes with the program.
  • Fairly expensive percentage cut that they take
  • Easy to work with UI and incredible ePub builder.

Check them out for yourself and decide if they are a worthwhile platform to distribute wide with, and if you are a newbie author planning to exit KU in favor of trying something new then this is the perfect place to start!

A 5-Star company because of how incredible they are too work with and how hard they work to update their tech. Every few months they have something new to offer, and each step along the way they get better. If you are an indie author or just looking to start out (and you don't want to lock yourself into Amazon) then you can get by with using Draft2Digital and Amazon to handle everything. Certainly a power player in the industry and one to keep your eye on.


Lincoln Cole

Lincoln Cole is a Columbus-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia, but always returns home to his pugamonster and wife. His love for writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.

He has won multiple literary awards for his novels. He has also been a bestseller in multiple different categories.