Pronoun: Indie Author Review - One of the Best E-Book Distributors on the Market with Amazing Features

What is Pronoun?

Pronoun is a distribution platform for E-Books run by Macmillan Publishing House. They distribute books to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and library distribution platforms on behalf of indie authors who want to send their books out into the world but receive all of their reports in one place.

They are relatively new to the industry as a whole and only recently (January 2017) loosened up their terms to make it an easy entry point for Indie Authors trying to put their books on the market. The problem was that if you wanted to distribute through them prior to January, then you would need to distribute to ALL platforms simultaneously through them. This was prohibitive to many authors, but they have since loosened those requirements.

Distribution Advantages

There is one HUGE advantage that Pronoun has over KDP, and that is the ability to control pricing and receive correct payment right off the bat. No more emailing with Amazon or finagling to get what you need.

Basically, what this means is that you won't have Amazon trying to force KU enrollment down your throat, and you will get your 70% royalty rate on 99 cent books right off the bat. No more $2.99 min pricing if you go the Pronoun route, and you can even distribute your book directly on Amazon as free rather than having to jump through hoops to price match it down to free.

One key you might have noticed is that I said 70% royalty rate. If I were talking about D2D (which doesn't yet distribute through Amazon) I would have had to say 60%, but in the case of Pronoun you maintain your full 70% royalty.

  • 70% distribution
  • Free Pricing for permafree titles
  • Easy Interface
  • Great Support Team
  • No minimum pricing

How is that possible? Disadvantages?

Essentially, what it comes down to is that Pronoun isn't really trying to make money off of authors with this project. They don't try to sell you add on services or force things down your throat, but rather seem to be more interested in offering great services as part of their Macmillan Publishing system.

Down the line I'm sure there will be more changes, but as long as they are mutually beneficial between authors and the company I can still see working with them.

Another thing to note is that this does not apply to international sales, so if you distribute your book globally and sell a lot in other countries then Pronoun might not be right for you. the 70% distribution rate only applies to the US.

My Experience with Them

I've only recently begun working with Pronoun, and I have to say it has been a complete pleasure to do so. I'm planning to write a guide on going wide, and essentially it will explain how I use multiple companies to reach as many markets as possible, but this is definitely a new staple for me.

  • Their reporting isn't perfect and could use some updates, but it isn't bad.
  • Their emails run the gamut from invaluable to inconsequential and spammy, especially if you put a lot of books on there.
  • You can join as an author even if you don't distribute through them, and in fact you can build your own author page by only giving them your ASIN. If you do this, you can have a cool landing page to send people to and they will track your book information (new reviews, statistics and ranking updates, possible category updates, and more)

Check them out for yourself and decide if they are a worthwhile platform to distribute wide with, and if you are a newbie author planning to exit KU in favor of trying something new then this is the perfect place to start!

My Rating

This is easily a 5-Star company. They offer better terms than Amazon and other wide distribution platforms, are incredibly easy to use, and let you retain your full royalties. It couldn't possibly get any better, but if the past is any indication then the company is trying to make it better anyway.

Certain a power player in the industry and one to keep your eye on.