Launch Strategy for a 99 Cent Book Promotion (The Everett Exorcism) in October 2017

The Everett Exorcism Launch Strategy Guide

I've been working on and meaning to write this post for a while, and now that the book is close to launching I figured I would finally get it ready to go! I'll keep adding to it over the next couple of weeks as I add to my launch strategy, but in the short term this should cover most of what I'm planning to do to generate buzz and launch The Everett Exorcism.

My strategy is going to be to do a Netflix style release with the first book price d at 99 cents for at least a month. The second book will be released at $2.99 for pre-orders and the third book at $3.99 also on pre-order. The first book will come out on October 24th, with the second following one week later on Halloween!

Pre-Launch Initial Preparation - Kindle Scout

The first piece of my strategy was to submit the book to Kindle Scout. Basically, my theory on using this as a launch platform was two-fold:

  1. If the book gets picked, I would get targeted Amazon promotion, which would make up for the higher price tag (probably $2.99) and still allow me to lead into the second book. This launch would have been similar to Raven's Peak.
  2. If the book wasn't picked, this would help build early buzz for the book, find early readers who were interested in receiving a copy, and help with building marketing copy for the book.

I submitted the book in May and ran the thirty day campaign. Suffice to say, I wasn't picked. I did, however, manage to put together a comprehensive post about advertising options (free and paid) for running a Kindle Scout campaign which can be found here.

Not getting picked was perfectly fine with me (they didn't like the religious iconography) because my alternate strategy was actually to release the book wide on all stores (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Tolino, Scribd, Apple iBooks, etc.). This is the strategy that I am going with, and my launch date will be in October.

Check out this 99 cent book Launch Plan by Lincoln Cole!

Pre-Launch Preparation - Promotions and Reviews

Setting up my pre-launch promotions basically revolved around finding people who wanted a free copy of the book in exchange for a review and then keying my website toward generating traffic. A huge part of getting reviewers revolved around asking the Nominators for my Kindle Scout campaign and then asking my email list of 10,000 who would like a copy.

Here were my pre-launch promotions that would run up to launch day:


Pre-Launch Build-up

  1. I collected emails into a group on my mailerlite and instafreebie set-up so that about 21 days prior to launch, everyone will get a copy of the book, and then on launch day and every few days thereafter they will be reminded to write their review.
  2. I set up a giveaway that will run for a little more than a month to notify my audience and other readers about my launch.
    1. The benefit of this is two-fold: I can also increase my outreach efforts on social media and offer this giveaway to bloggers to feature, giving their audiences an optional giveaway to enter!
  3. I set up a Instafreebie Group Giveaway to cross-promote content. This is something I've done quite a few of, and through group sharing we give away a TON of free books, but I can also list shoutouts to my giveaway and sales on the pages.
  4. (Still finishing) Blogger Outreach for a blog tour. This will run during my launch, and ideally bloggers will connect to my pages and help promote my content as well as getting copies to read and review. Once I have a final copy of the book to send out I'll send out these emails and contact forms to hopefully get people on board!
  5. Podcast Promotion on the Horror Show (the Thursday before and after launch, right before Halloween!)
  6. Podcast Promotions on the Maximum Fun Network. No clue if this will work out, but I listen to a lot of the podcasts and figure it's worth a try! I'm scheduling with JJGo for a promotion to have Jordan Morris read the post, so here's hoping some fans of the show decide to check it out!
  7. Raven's Peak Promotion: I'm running a double mega book boost on genrecrave on October 23rd to hopefully kick my old books into gear and push readers into my discount sale of the rest of the series. All of my World on Fire series will be 99 cents during this promotion week so hopefully readers will purchase through and build strong ties from one book to another!

Other Things I'm doing to get my launch ready to go:

  1. Finish writing/editing book II
  2. Get books loaded on stores for purchase:
    1. Pronoun

      1. Amazon
      2. Barnes and Noble
      3. Google Play
      4. Apple
      5. Overdrive
      6. Bibliotecha
    2. Kobo Direct

    3. Draft2Digital

      1. Tolino
      2. Scribd
      3. Inkterra
      4. 24Symbols
      5. Playster
    4. Smashwords

      1. Direct
      2. Libraries
  3. Build Landing Page for the book (optimize website)

You can read more about my strategy for releasing wide here.

My only expenses here are minor promotions of the giveaways and the cost of the prizes for the gleam giveaway (popular horror books). This will lead into the outreach to bloggers asking them to participate in my book launch blog tour.

I started a pre-order for books I and II of the series so that I can get a series landing page built on Amazon, link up all of the editions (Paperback and HardCopy from IngramSpark), and make sure the listings are ready to go for launch (the second book in the series comes out 7 days after the first, right on Halloween) and I will launch the pre-order of the third prior to launch for release sometime in January of next year.

Launch Plan - Begins October 24th, 2017

When the book finally comes out, I'll be using this breakdown of promotional sites to sell it over the days and weeks following the launch. I'm trying to stack promotions while simultaneously spread them out so that I can get as much promotional build up as I can right before Halloween and the launch of the second book.

As you can see, most of my promotional efforts will actually be the day before Halloween, which will hopefully peak right on the 30th.

One thing I've learned in my years as an indie author:

Selling books without marketing is practically impossible!

Sales and Marketing Launch Plan


  • 10/19/17
    • The Horror Show Podcast
  • 10/21/17
    • GenreCrave Cover Contest
  • 10/23/17
    • JJGo JumboTron
  • 10/24/17

    • Book Hippo UK (Pending)
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
    • AuthorsXP
    • BookBongo
    • BookScream
    • BooksGoSocial (Tweet)
    • Uvi Blog
    • Melanie Rockett
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/25/17
    • Booktastic
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/26/17

    • Bargain Booksy
    • Bookrunes
    • Book Rebel
    • The Horror Show Podcast
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/27/17

    • My Book Place
    • Book Cave (Pending)
    • Book Pebble
    • N.N. Light
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/28/17

    • eReaderCafe
    • ManyBooks
    • eBookDiscovery
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/29/17

    • Robin Reads
    • eBookHounds
    • BookLemur
    • FKBT
    • ItsWriteNow
    • Kboards Banner
    • ReadingDeals
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
    • Hotzippy (Pending)
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/30/17 - BIGGEST DAY

    • Just Kindle Books
    • Kindle Book Review
    • Riffle Books
    • Kindle Nation Daily
      • BookGorilla Crossover
    • GenreCrave Mega Book Boost
    • Discount Book Man
    • Fussy Librarian
    • OHFB
    • Readper
    • Booklover's Heaven
    • ChoosyBookWorm
    • AwesomeGang
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • RESULTS
        • Pending
  • 10/31/17 - Halloween!

    • Book Basset Author Feature
    • PPC/PPM Advertising
      • Pending
  • 11/7/17

    • ChoosyBookWorm
      • Pending
  • 11/16/17

    • Buck Books
      • Pending
  • 11/20/17

    • BooksBarbarian
      • Pending
  • 11/21/17

    • ChoosyBookWorm
      • Pending
  • 11/30/17

    • BookLemur
      • Pending

*PPC/PPM advertising includes BookBub, Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter.


For Some Sites, I'm Still Waiting for Updates

These are the sites I'm either already set to promote with or have submitted to and I'm waiting to hear back. I'll be submitting to more sites over the next few weeks until launch day. I'll keep adding the sites in as I submit to them, and then later I'll add in daily results to see how well the book launch performed with all of these promotions

I'm also thinking about doing another podcasting network. Podcast promotion is a first for me, so here is hoping that it pays off. If nothing else, it will be cool to hear about my books on my favorite podcasts!

Hopefully, this plan will be enough to sell a lot of copies and make my rank sticky, which is the biggest goal here. Things will probably fall off in November once the promotions stop running, but by that point I should have a good also-bought list and the book might be able to hold it's own. If not, though, I'll be working on my next project anyway!

I will also be using Facebook Ads, BookBub Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords advertising to run campaigns targeted at various horror authors to try and get more visitors to my landing pages. It will vary from day-to-day and what type of ad I'm running, but hopefully I can get a fair number of clicks out of it! 

In every case, I've specifically searched for places I can promote that will reach more online stores than just Amazon. 

Thanks for Reading!

I will keep updating this post with more information about promotions and other ideas I have for launching the book, and then in October I'll update it with results to let you know how well the launch plan worked. If you have suggestions about things for me to try or places to promote please let me know and I'll see if they fit into my plan!

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you see any mistakes or problems feel free to let me know in the comments!