Indie Author Tools - Best E-Book Promotion Sites for 2018

Here is a list of the Best E-Book Promo sites of 2018.

All of the sites listed here come from my personal experiences using them as well as things I've heard from other authors. In this case, everything is going to be devoted to sites that promote paid promotions (there is another post for free promotions here) but that doesn't necessarily mean how much the actual book needs to cost to be promoted.

If you would like to add your site to the following list, please contact me here and I'll get you added as soon as possible! The list is going to go in descending order of best to worst.

E-Reader News Today


A definite go to promotional company for authors at any stage of their career, ENT results are consistent and above market average. Not many companies have the track record of a company like this, and the largest factor is the fact that they have a strong editorial team picking out their content.

They have a few different listings available, including a book of the day promotion that books months in advance. They open up listings every three months, and those slots are sold out after only a few days.

  • Price: $ - $$

  • Rating: 5-Star

BookBub Featured Deal

Everyone swears by BookBub for results and they are all correct: BookBub is the king of the email newsletter industry. It has millions of subscribers where most companies have a few hundred thousand at most. It is a powerful website.

If you are trying to promote your book on BookBub, even as a free listing, you should expect to spend a lot of money. And I mean a lot, like a few hundred. They break everything down by genre and pricing level. But, the thing is they are fully worth it. Scoring a BookBub is one of the most powerful ways to get a ton of new readers and hopefully sell through from one book to another.

  • Price: $$ - $$$$

  • Rating: 5-Star

Freebooksy / BargainBooksy

This is a great site for submitting free or discounted books (separate site for each one). I've had good luck with promoting through them in the past. They aren't cheap, but they are quite effective and they list prices based on audience size rather than a one-size-fits-all model. In general, they are one of my go to places, especially for free books.

  • Price: $$-$$$$

  • Rating: 4-Star

Free Kindle Books and Tips

This is another great site for promoting kindle books, though they won't promote anything else. This can be really good for getting books promoted on Amazon, but if you're hoping to reach a wider audience it might not be ideal. One thing I've had good luck with is kindle unlimited since they have such great reach in the kindle market.

I definitely recommend them and have used them many times in the past to promote my books on Amazon. What I like most is how straightforward they are about what they offer.

  • Price: $$-$$$

  • Rating: 4-Star

Online Book Club

I sort of stumbled onto the OnlineBookClub website about two years ago and didn't really know what it was all about. I decided to try out some of their services, starting with reviews, and have ended up working with them quite a bit to promote some of my books.

They also offer personalized service and will go out of their way to create any promotional service authors can dream up...for a price. This is the key to their value: I requested to do a promotion for a Kindle Scout campaign I was running recently and they built me a custom promotion to reach thousands of people and get tons of nominations. Scott and his team are responsive to requests and always willing to engage with new ideas to make their offerings even better.

  • Price: $$$$ - $$$$$

  • Rating: 4-Star

Melanie Rockett's Marketing

This is a service offering that I only recently discovered when I was working to prepare my kindle scout campaign and book launch of The Everett Exorcist. It is a part of my launch strategy now for the book, and it was also a part of my Kindle Scout campaign when I submitted the book for possible Amazon publication.

All in all, if you're looking for a service to promote your kindle scout book then this is the perfect place to be, and if you're trying to promote a new launch or some other discount/sale you are running on an older title, then this is also a fantastic service that you can benefit from. I wouldn't necessarily use it on its own as a first effort service, but it can help keep a slow trickle of interest and purchases for a long time to keep your ranking high.

  • Price: $$ - $$$

  • Rating: 4-Star

Book Rebel

Book Rebel is one of the newer players in the book promotional atmosphere, but it has a pretty big legacy in indie promotion that it is using to the fullest extent. It was created by a small team of authors, one of which runs GenreCrave and the other of which is a software developer and author who won a Kindle Scout campaign.

If you're looking for a book promotion site that has consistently given good results, been transparent about their numbers, and seems to be working very hard to deliver, then this is the place to check out.

  • Price: $ - $$

  • Rating: 4-Star

BookBub CPC Advertising

This is something new. BookBub recently rolled out a new Cost Per Click ad system that authors can sign up for and is in beta. If you can't seem to get picked for a BookBub newsletter, this might be a good way of generating some extra sales. You have to sign up for the beta on a waiting list, and even then you might wait months to get in.

I use them regularly for new book launches because I know that they reach readers who are definitely interested in getting new books. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the people who click are going to seriously look at your book and consider how much they would want to read it.

  • Price: $ - $$$

  • Rating: 4-Star

3-Star and Lower Sites

Now onto the 3-star promotional sites: these ones are still decent and net some results, but they will almost never actually return results matching their cost. You can still use them if your goal is ranking or finding readers, but don't expect to make money from them.

The individual reviews linked to below will give more explanation of why they are good or bad and what to expect when you sign up for them. I've used each of these services multiple times, though many of them I've stopped using in recent months. If I end up using them again I'll make sure to update the posts, though, to keep them fresh!


I have decided to drop two and one star reviews in the goal of having less negative posts on my site. I want this to be a positive place, not a negative one. It’s a shame when a site performs so poorly that I can’t even write a review about them, but since this blog is designed to point people in the right direction, I have no more desire to give my opinion about bad sites and services.


These are services I've never actually used before and can't recommend one way or another. Some, I will try out and then move to the above lists, and others aren't great first (probably for obvious reasons).

There you have it. That is the list of book promotional sites that I've used in the past and whether or not I would recommend them for indie authors hoping to get an edge. Some of them are 100% not recommended, but others might actually be worth checking out or completely necessary, and hopefully over time you can develop your own list of recommended services (and horror stories to help other authors avoid bad ones!).

Feel free to contact me if you feel I've made a mistake or there is a problem with one of my reviews. I'm always open to suggestions and don't mind making minor mistakes. However, if you are a service and don't like the review I've given your website, please don't contact me to complain. I'm just one author giving my opinion and recommendation.


Lincoln Cole

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