Kindle Scout Campaign - All Stats and Results Across All of the Campaigns I've Run

Important note: Kindle Scout closed down in May of 2018 and stopped taking submissions on April 3rd. I'll leave these posts up for a while but eventually they will get removed since it is no longer available.

I'm about to give you all a conglomerated list of stats and other information about all of the campaigns I have run up to this point. I'll continue updating this post as I run new campaigns over time to keep it up to date!

Campaign Four - The Everett Exorcism

My most recent campaign, which I talk through extensively in my Kindle Scout blog posts. This one was not selected (they did not like the iconography on the cover and felt the book wasn't a good fit).

I tested out a lot of services for this campaign and reviewed the services on my blog here. I was proud of the stats despite everything and I'm not too worried about their decision. If they feel it isn't a good fit I would rather not be locked into a contract.

Campaign Three - Collision of Worlds

I ran this campaign with a pure set-it-and-forget-it mentality and didn't really promote it much at all. It didn't really perform very well, and the book I submitted wasn't one I expected to get selected (it was a second book in a series that wasn't very popular, and the first book wasn't on Kindle Scout originally).

It floundered during the first half of the campaign, saw a little bit of traction during the second half, and was inevitably turned down by the Kindle Scout editors.

Campaign Two - Raven's Peak (Selected)

This campaign resulted in my first contract with Kindle Scout and constituted a lot of hard word and time spent putting it together. I had a pretty substantial period in the center when the campaign wasn't trending, which made a pretty big difference in the number of page views it received on those days.

The book after launch has sold a lot of copies and received some sizable promotion from Amazon, which is why I had no trouble turning to Amazon again when I had another series ready to publish to offer it to Kindle Scout first.

Campaign One - Second Chances

When I put together this campaign I had no idea what I was doing. I was barely into the writing process and just tossed this one up on Amazon without an agenda or goal in mind. I didn't know what to expect and had no audience, so the stats are reflective of that.

The nice thing about this campaign is that it shows Amazon and Kindle Scout aren't going to bias an author from previous efforts. My first campaign was a complete flop, but my second one (when I knew a little more of what I was doing) turned out really well and ended up getting picked.

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