Melanie Rockett Services: Indie Author Review - Great Audience Outreach at a Fraction of the Price

Introduction to Melanie Rockett's Author Services

This is a service offering that I only recently discovered when I was working to prepare my kindle scout campaign and book launch of The Everett Exorcist. It is a part of my launch strategy now for the book, and it was also a part of my Kindle Scout campaign when I submitted the book for possible Amazon publication.

It is run by only one person, and she puts in a lot of work to both maintain her audience and offer exceptional value for authors. I like services like this, because they feel more organic and personal than a lot of the bigger services that just blast out to huge audiences that they don't really interact with.

I've run kindle scout campaigns through her services to get nominations and page views, and I've also run book promotions, and I've been happy with the results. 

Requirements for Listing and Promoting on Melanie's Blog

The only basic requirement with these services is that you offer up the best quality product you can. A mistake a lot of people make when promoting is that they have an unfinished or low quality book that they are trying to market, and then they just pay for promotions. Melanie will do her best to get traffic to whatever you are trying to sell, but you're going to need to do the rest to actually seal the deal.

She will turn books away that she feels aren't good for her audience, because her goal isn't just to sell your book but also to give great content for her readers. This is important in the eBook market, because too often companies overwhelm their readers with a flurry of bad books to the point that they get burned and stop buying. Having 100,000 readers on a list doesn't matter if the click through and purchase rates are miniscule.

Make sure your book cover is perfect and your blurb is killer ifyou want to promote with Melanie. Also, if you're running a Kindle Scout campaign, then your excerpt should be great as well. You're going to get a steady trickle of traffic with Melanie's offerings, so make sure your book is ready to do something with it!

Overall Cost of Promoting Your eBooks

There is a range of costs associated with these promotions, so you'll just need to decide what you are after and find the package that fits the best with what you need. Recently, I signed up for her thirty day ebook promotion package as a premium listing to promote the book launch of The Everett Exorcism. She starts those packages at a lower price point that comes down to a reasonable daily cost, but she offers added benefits for purchasing her deluxe packages.

In general, she isn't on the high range of promotional packages, but she isn't on the low end either. She sits somewhere in the middle. I would consider her services to be worth the price, though, because she doesn't spam and overwhelm her readers with book posts and tweets, and she also puts a lot of work into making high quality banners that generate a lot of clicks.

All in all, her drip campaigns and blog posts have been worth the money in generating both sales and exposure.

A Trickle of Sales Can Keep Your Amazon Rank High!

My Personal Experiences of Promoting Through her Blog

These services are all based more on a trickle of clicks rather than a flurry, and there is one thing I really like about the way she does things (particularly for a Kindle Scout campaign): she makes it a long running promotion rather than a huge blast right off the bat. What this essentially means is that you're going to get a steady trickle of traffic, and she isn't going to burn out her audience with entirely too much promotion all at once.

Whenever I see a twitter campaign that says: "We will blast out 20 tweets about your book on the chosen day!" I can't help but cringe. Imagine if you were subscribed to that twitter feed, how would you feel getting spammed like that? Worse, they probably promote multiple books each day that many times, so what are the odds someone is going to actually see your book?

Melanie does things more organically, which means that when she recommends a book her audience will see it, but they won't be spammed with it. When I ran my Kindle Scout promotion, I managed to get hundreds of page views over the length of the campaign which helped keep me on hot & trending for all but a few hours. Sure, there were other promotions that were great to put me on hot & trending, but this one did the most to keep me there.

I'm also running a launch promotion in October and will update more with results around the time that goes live. 

My Overall Rating of Melanie's Service Offerings for Indie Authors?

Glasses on top of a cool book

This one earns a 4-star rating from me, which is basically as good a rating as you can get without being a major company like BookBub or ENT. I love the service offerings and the drip campaign idea. 

Considering Melanie runs this company on her own and manages to keep up with the workload, it is quite impressive that she doesn't simply get overwhelmed with it. Her Kindle Scout services are by far her most powerful, and the fact that she makes custom and excellent graphics for each individual book to share with her audience is a huge mark in her favor.

All in all, if you're looking for a service to promote your kindle scout book then this is the perfect place to be, and if you're trying to promote a new launch or some other discount/sale you are running on an older title, then this is also a fantastic service that you can benefit from. I wouldn't necessarily use it on its own as a first effort service, but it can help keep a slow trickle of interest and purchases for a long time to keep your ranking high.


Lincoln Cole

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